Malawi – Charity Films

We’ve been lucky enough to film in Malawi twice in the last two years. Working with Mobal Communications, Elephant Bike and most recently we worked with Japanese charity Seibo. Both trips have been life changing adventures, seeing how others live in a country that is one of the poorest in the world.

Every turn in the road had something else incredible to photography and film. Meeting and working with people we will never forget. We saw and documented great work being done by three very different charities.

Seibo Japan provide children attending nursery with a hot meal every day. Seibo is a new charity with the ambition to feed every hungry child in the world. For ¥3000 (£22) Seibo can provide a child with a meal everyday for a year.

We worked with Seibo to produce films showing every aspect of their project from the cooks to the children it benefits. We also produced a series of films to show people in Japan why Malawi is so special and why they should help the children of Malawi.