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We’ve put together four films that we feel compliment the work being produced by Sharp Agency.
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The challenge: To create an advert for the Damson S-Series, which at the time of production hadn’t been manufactured so we had no product to film.

Our solution: We created a 3D version of the speakers using Damson’s CAD designs and produced an engaging animated advert.
200,000 + views across social media.
The challenge: To promote the Paris launch of the new Ultra Boost 19 running shoe.
Our solution:We captured the events on three roaming cameras, combined with an eclectic editing style that conveyed the momentum and high energy of the launch.
60,000 + Views on Instagram.
The challange: To create a brand film that tells Whitby Gin’s story, promoting the brand to resellers and the public.
Our solution: After learning more about Whitby Gin’s origins, we created a film that was both cinemtic and intimate in order to celebrate the outstanding landscape of the Yorkshire coast, whilst also portraying the care and attention that goes in to each bottle.
The challenge: Promote Season ticket sales at Sheffield United.
Our solution:  We took the approach of documenting fans and players standout Sheffield United moments accompanied with stylised cinematic visuals that encouraged an emotional response from viewers.
We created a series of films that were released one a day before the release of the season tickets.
400,000 + Views across Social Media Platforms
9,000 + reactions on Facebook

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