Mobal Communications – Charity Films

Mobal Communications is an inspiring telecommunications company. Mobal takes 90% of its profits and uses it to change lives in Malawi, Africa. Mobal helps fund three African charities, Krizevak, Elephant Bike and Seibo.

We’ve been working with Mobal to produce films showcasing the work been done by each of the three charities. The videos are to help inspire others to get involved, keep donors up to date with projects, and to raise money for future ventures

Creating these films has been life changing for us. We’ve seen first hand the incredible impact Mobal’s work is having on communities around Malawi. From feeding children at school to starting industries and creating work opportunities for whole townships.

Seibo Japan

Seibo Japan provide children attending nursery with a hot meal every day. Seibo is a new charity with the ambition to feed every hungry child in the world. For ¥3000 (£22) Seibo can provide a child with a meal everyday for a year.

We worked with Seibo to produce films showing every aspect of their project from the cooks to the children it benefits. We also produced a series of films to show people in Japan why Malawi is so special and why they should help the children of Malawi.

In Malawi every turn in the road has something else incredible to photography and film. We met and worked with people we will never forget.


Krizevac Project creates self-sustaining businesses to provide lasting income which is then used to help the poorest of the poor. This multiplies benefit from the donations which have seeded the start of new enterprises. Krizevac Project has helped organisations in deprived communities to succeed by constructing quality buildings and by providing essential equipment and skilled volunteers.

Elephant Bike

Elephant Bike is a charity that sends unused Royal Mail bikes to Malawi, Africa. In Malawi a bike can change a persons life, giving them the opportunity to travel further for work, start their own business and give their children access to better education.

To fund the shipment of thousands of Royal Mail bikes to Malawi, Elephant bike sells refurbished Royal Mail bikes in the UK. Bikes are refurbished, shot blasted and painted then sold as reliable town bikes.

We filmed two entrepreneurs in Malawi whose bikes have change their lives.

As well as showcasing the impact these bikes have had in Africa, we created adverting and social media content to promote the refurbished royal mail bikes which are sold in the UK.