Jorvik Viking Centre

We’ve worked with the Jorvik Viking Centre on many projects. The launch of their new attraction, filming Viking reenactment groups across Europe, promotion films for their other attractions and event films for their city wide Viking Festival.

Follow the Vikings is a Europe wide four year project run by The Destination Viking Association, part funded by the Creative Europe Program.
The project sees a huge theatrical production perform across Europe performing at important Viking heritage sites. The scale of this project is massive in every sense of the word. The show is performed against building high projections with a cast and crew from all over Europe.
We were asked by The Destination Viking Association to create an hour long behind the scenes documentary that can be played in Brussels on the final leg of the shows tour. The film was to¬†encompass the scale, logistics and behind the scenes action of the tour while at the same time explain the project’s history, creativity and showcase the people involved.
We traveled with the Follow the Viking’s show to Norway, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Ireland.
Below is a teaser we created for the film.